Recipe за Children`s sandwiches

Children`s sandwiches

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Products: bread, salami, pork fillet, cucumbers, olives, butter, potatoes

Cover the bread with butter. Slice the salami (or better buy one that is sliced). Create the sandwiches as on the photos...

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Recipe за Flowers from radishes

Flowers from radishes

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Products: V-shaped knife

Wash the radishes. With a V-shaped knife - decorator, cut the radish in the middle...

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Recipe за Roses from ham and green peppers

Roses from ham and green peppers

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Products: ham, green peppers

Wash the peppers and cut them to 1/3 from the handle. Remove the inside with a finger...

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Recipe за A parrot from pineapple

A parrot from pineapple

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Products: pineapple, carrot, black pepper, toothpicks

A wonderful and easy to make parrot.

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Recipe за Roses from tomatoes

Roses from tomatoes

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Products: tomatoes

Very nice roses and easy to prepare

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