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Authentic pasta Carbonara


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Pasta for 3 people

250g of your favorite pasta, we recommend Spaghetti, Fetucine or Bucatini
4 eggs
About 150g of bacon, if you are able to use Guanciale definitely use it instead
Parmigiano reggiano and again, if you are able to find Pecorino cheese try using it instead to achieve the authentic flavor of the dish Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Pasta water

PREPARATION OF Authentic pasta Carbonara

Start by bringing water to a boil and salting it thoroughly then adding in your pasta. While that is happening, grate your cheese and add it in a bowl with all of your eggs, beat them together until it becomes a thick paste. Cut your meat of choice into cubes. When the pasta is ready (check on the package) drain it, but save about a third of a cup of the starch water and add it slowly into the egg sauce, this way you are preventing the eggs from turning into an omelette later on. The new mixture should be more light, but not runny. Add the bacon/guanciale onto the heat and fry until it becomes slightly crispy, then, add the boiled pasta into the big pan with the meat and mix them a few times. Turn down the heat to the lowest possible setting and add the cheese-egg sauce and stirr them together to create a slightly thicker sauce. Add salt and pepper to taste and you are ready to serve!

Products: Pasta, eggs, bacon (or Guanciale), Parmigiano reggiano (or Pecorino Romano), salt, pepper, water

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